Augustina Seymour  Tim Daish  Marni Garfunkel

Produced By

Foliage Films  Sky or the Bird

Written By

Dan Horrigan 

Directed By

Dan Horrigan

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A room in a house that's a mausoleum. A husband and wife who have forgotten each other, a game they should not play.

As the anniversary of their child's death approaches, a couple must try to find a way to forgive, and start over.


The opening scenes seem deliberately disorientating to the viewer…doubting what is real and what is a memory. (reminded us of Don't Look Now) strange things are going on around this grieving couple. We wished there was a little bit more clarity in the narrative, but it was shot with confidence and the actors performances were strong. Particularly in one genuinely disturbing sequence in the 3rd act. Well done!